“I like the beauty of fashion, and the creativity that embeds in it. It makes me feel confident”, said Dorcas Uwimpuhwe, a Kaza Agency fashion model from Gashora Girls’ Academy. She highlights what a diverse combination fashion makes: Art, Beauty and Self-esteem.

Like many of the youth, she knows what, where, and when to wear what she wears. A pair of jeans, flats and a t-shirt is a Go-ahead outfit when she’s going at the shopping mall or somewhere informal, but when it comes to a party or a big event, there is no room for the casual; she feels fabulous in a short cocktail dress and chunky heels. She rocks what makes her feel comfortable and descent.

However, not all of us love or can look as fab as Dorcas in a cocktail dress; fortunately fashion industries made sure everyone got what fits him/her. “Is your outfit and your body type a Go-for match?” Dorcas addresses to this as, “You should first love your own self, and appreciate your body by wearing clothes that fit and make your body look good”. This is one of the essential knowledge the new generation keeps growing, and it is a good sign of the role fashion is playing in their daily lives. The new generation of Rwanda has tastes, different tastes indeed, because of the diversity the social media introduces to them, as it is one of the factors that are inducing their styles. They choose what, where and when to wear what they wear because of the fashion education we got from different sites. Thanks to the internet and designers for making us internationally stylish; we don’t attend weddings in jeans and timberland shoes.

It is a do or die matter to know where to wear a certain type of outfit, and thank the heavens the new generation of Rwanda seems to nail it at all costs. Their style is being part of their pride in the society, which is a wake up call for the designers in Rwanda to do more. Or are they planning something big for us fashion freaks?

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