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This page is your source for jobs and career opportunities at RWANDA CLOTHING. Search here for our job vacancies, internships and other possibilities to become a team member at RWANDA CLOTHING. This is your chance!

    The work of our team at RWANDA CLOTHING forms the basis of the brand’s success. Every day we contribute our skills and commitment to the young company, thereby contributing to the uniqueness of the products.
    In the next years we want to have more suitable employees working for RWANDA CLOTHING, to systematically promote their development and to retain them in the long term. RWANDA CLOTHING strategy is the expansion of its personnel by creating new jobs primarily in Rwanda where possible. The majority of the new employees that will be hired will be high-talented apparel tailors, skilled fashion designers as well as clothing technicians and engineers.

    The goal of human resources work at RWANDA CLOTHING is to promote team spirit and motivation among the employees and to create an international working atmosphere based on professionalism, commitment and openness in which creativity and perfection can develop freely yet in an organized way as well.
    We focus on supporting especially young high-talented Rwandans and also want to offer a flexible family support model. This should be primarily designed to make it easier to return to work after parental leave or maternity leave and to support mothers with daycare centers for their children close to their working places.

    We want to become one of Rwanda’s best and most popular employers!