You Are What You Wear

Have you ever listened to a song and feel like the lyrics were written for you? Its smoothness and clarity does take you in your own world. Yes…. we all went through that at least once and for some who are daydreamers like me more often than we can count. But what does really attracts you when you are moved by a song? “It’s not just the words but the emotions and feelings that you relate to when you are listening to the song” said the British female vocalist, Adele.

Yes, your emotional state will also play a big role in the choice of your clothing as an example someone wearing loose jeans and big T-shirts will automatically appear as careless and untidy, our style and appearance can reflect our feelings and emotions. People can easily get the emptiness and sadness of a lady wearing a long black dress when mourning the death of his partner and it’s true that in any occasion our deep feelings are observed through the piece of cloth that we are in.

People relate a red rose to love and a white rose to death simply because these flowers represents the moments in which they are offered in – same as our daily choice of style. Dear readers, every time we are about to decide on an outfit that we are set to appear in, lets contrast the outfit with our true-self as they really reveal the moments that we are in and expresses the feelings we have. Remember that: “you are what you wear” – so let your clothes reflect your personality showing your emotions and feelings.

That was our daily fashion snack and don’t forget to pass at our store and be amazed, stay safe and sound.

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