Your Body, The Love Of Your Life

I have talked a lot about adventure, freedom, love and motivation; all those never-to-forget feelings that our clothes wear on us. But the one thing that has stayed unsaid and I still apologize to have not made it the first article on this Pearls of Fashion series, is for all the ladies that have not loved their bodies enough to stay confident in their own skin and style.

Fashion is what it is today because of the people that are confident enough to flaunt their bodies on cameras, runways, and streets. Some at this point will immediately roll their eyes saying that it’s because they are skinny and their bodies suit to be seen by everybody’s eyes. You are not wrong but before hating your figure because you think someone else has better, I want you to remember that that is your body and that’s all you got, and the only thing it asks of you is to love it because no one else owns it like you do. Fashion is not just about clothes, colors, patterns and skinny models. Fashion is about feelings, bodies, and clothes. So if you don’t feel comfortable in your body, no cloth will look comfortable on you.

I am not here to tell you that if you don’t like how your body is figured, then try to leave it as it is. Honey, put in work if you can. Maybe I have been watching a lot of Revenge Body by Khloe Kardashian, but I want you to try hard to be a better you. Good things do not come easy, they take energy and time. Work out, eat right, a little bit of sweat do you good at the end of the day. Look at yourself in the mirror and remember that there has never and will never be another you, and from there treat yourself right and love your body for the sake of fashion.

You are fashion. And I want all of you ladies to love your body and yourselves more than Kylie Jenner’s booty and curves. You are only beautiful when you let yourself be beautiful. Your style, your fashion, it all start with your body.

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