Take a look in the mirror that reveals the whole figure of your body; That either slim, curvy, athletic or plus-size body you are seeing is not a body to hide in dim and shabby clothes just because you were told that it doesn’t look good enough. You can change the story of your fashion by wearing what matches with your body type.

“Sister, tuguhe mariniere?” (the long unfashionable marni dresses). Downtown in Kigali, the street clothes sellers will eventually call an 18 year old young lady for a marni dress just because she looks plus size. This makes young people feel uncomfortable with in their natural figures, which should not be the case for the youth of today. These marni dresses call-outs should be shut for we need to open doors for the fashion possibilities of any type of body by these tips.

If you are plus size, try out a long or below knee straight skirt with dark African prints that trails up your waist to cup it and make it fall back, and tuck in a long stretching and tight long sleeved top. Do not try to wear things that will make you look bigger than you actually are. If you have a dark skin, cooperate with it by putting on rich colors instead of hot colors that goes with light skins.

If you are slim or tiny, an African print tank or cropped top (you can find these at RWANDA CLOTHING), and a pair of tight high waist jeans that will hug your small waist. You can also step up in a printed casual short cocktail dress if you can afford to be body confident. Tight and short outfits are made for you.

To the athletic body, a pair of leggings and a colorful dashiki shirt will make your body match your outfit, as well as adding up a pair of sports shoes.

You want to make your body a fab figure? Become a RWANDA CLOTHING client. You will be also advised about more ideal outfits that fit your body well. Stay confident in your figure.

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